Do you remember dating?

Friends, I’m a bit stuck in my writing and I am begging for your help…

For those of you who have had a significant dating/marriage relationship in your life, could you help me out? (Or those of you with really creative imaginations or who are well read or have lots of friends or whatever…)

In my current work that I am editing, “The Unfortunate Life for Genevieve Ryder”, Gen is meeting and falling in love with her soon-to-be husband, Peter. They both have their faults and their relationship isn’t going to be anywhere near perfect (or long-lasting).

I’ve been married for quite some time to a guy I dated in high school and college. I fell hard for him. Falling in love with him was quite easy for me. I can still remember significant dates or conversations.

What I can’t remember is how it felt to fall in love. Or when I knew. Or what those early years were like. (Sad, I know.)

Can you remember from your relationships? Would you share it with me? What did it feel like for you to fall in love? What were some of your early/simple/fun/memorable dates? What did you do to impress your significant other? What did they do to impress you?

Listen, short of going out and getting a new husband (which I’m not really interested in doing), this is research I need you to do for me. I’m depending on you.

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