Misplaced (Flash Fiction #1)

(Here follows the first of many flash fiction stories I am writing in response to prompts given to me by friends. Each of these stories are inspired by a prompt of a character, a setting and a problem. The only requirement I’ve given myself is that the story make sense and be less than 250 words. Also, I’m working on craft, so I’m allowing myself to publish less than awesome work in anticipation of better work.)

Prompt: A man at the airport but he’s forgotten something

Ever since Joe say down in seat 25C, he’s had a horrible feeling in the pit of his stomach. Since he deplaned, he’s sure of it. He left his glasses somewhere. Joe can’t read two words on a page without the help of his trusty specs. So, he turns back to the gate he just left.

“I need to get back on that plane. I left my glasses on the plane.”

“I’m sorry sir, I can’t let you back on once you’ve deplaned. FAA.”

“But I can’t see without my glasses.”

The counter steward takes a light breath. “Sir. If you can just wait a moment, I’ll call back to the plane. Where were you seated?”

Joe waited, huffing and checking his watch every few seconds.

“I’m sorry sir, No one has seen your glasses. If you’d like to leave a descrip…”

“Never mind. I have to make it t my connection.” Joe turns his roller bag away from the desk and walks off at a brisk pace.

Halfway down the concourse, Joe steps into the restroom, muttering under his breath the entire time. “Someone must have taken them.Who would ever steal glasses?”

He continues his discourse as he washes his hands. When finished, he raises his hands to his head to push back his thinning brown hair, when his hand hits a piece of plastic. Lifting his eyes, he catches the sight of an old man staring at him in the mirror, glasses perched on top of his head. (250 words)

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