Meat Eater (FF#2)

Prompt: Anne goes to a BBQ at her new boyfriend’s place. She is a staunch vegan.

Anne took a deep breath to steady her nerves, inhaling the noxious fumes of smoked meat. While Springdale smelled like a BBQ joint every sunny Saturday afternoon, Anne never partook in the carnage of meat eating, but after their first date, Michael had invited her. Knowing she was facing the celebration of murder, Anne steadied herself by clutching her quinoa salad to her chest. 

Laughter filled the air before she even turned the corner into the back of the apartment complex. Across the lawn was spread yard games, friends she knew in conversation with each other, and Michael, smiling at her over the smoke of his black Weber grill. 

Steeling herself, Anne recalled the ease of conversation of their first date. Sitting at the bar, the sounds of jazz floating around them as they sipped drinks. Was she going to let her strong feelings keep her from a great thing? 

Walking up to the grill, she smiled at Michael. “Hi” she said in the most chipper voice she could muster. 

Michael clipped his tongs at her face. “Hey yourself. How’re you doing with all this?” His other hand motioned over the grill ladened with burgers, and brats. “I’m really glad you came.” He moved aside to reveal four mushroom caps sizzling on the top of the smallest rack. 

The blush rose from Anne’s toes up to her cheeks. 

“See, even the worst carnivore in the world is capable of learning something new.” (242 words)

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