Squeak (FF#4)

Prompt: a mouse who lives in an abandoned house who discovers humans. 

from : https://i.pinimg.com/originals/ee/b9/d8/eeb9d8385129294b7165383b628e23b1.jpg

The first clue was the loud bang from the front of the house. The second was the loud pounding  over her head. In her many weeks of living, Squeak had never been so over-whelmed. Upon investigation, Squeak found more clues: bright lights in places that were usually dark; thick layers of dust pushed aside, creating piles in the corners. These changes made her nervous. Suddenly, her home didn’t feel safe anymore. 

Huddled in the corner of her room, Squeak waited for darkness and the comfortable silence before creeping out to explore. From one room to the next, Squeak sped along the walls. Without warning, in a place where she used to pass without constraint, the door had been closed. She squeaked under the crack. 

The room was different. The weight of the air felt heavier. Squeak’s nose wrinkled at the foul tinge. Her snout working overtime, she sniffed for the source. A quiet snort filled the air. In the dark, she saw nothing near her, until she walked into squishy wall she’d never seen before. A sudden movement from above and Squeak was draped with a heavy fabric. Another shift in the squishy wall and the fabric vanished, pulled away from her face. 

Squeak ran as fast as her legs could scuttle to the far corner underneath a new pile of dust. Finally surveying the room she spied them: Monsters had invaded her home. Without another thought, she retreated to the safety of the walls, never to feel safe again. (250 words)

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