FF#7: Jillian vs. the Tiger

(Note: I am visiting my family for a bit of a vacation. Today, my niece, June, and I wrote a new flash fiction. The ideas were a combination of both of us. I told her that I would put it up here. So enjoy the work of me and my favorite 8 year old.)

Prompt: Prompt: Jillian, a 12-year-old girl, is in the forest of India, and she is being chased by a tiger. 

Jillian sat very still. From her spot behind the large rock, she could hear the cracks of the branches as something snuck up to the spot where she was hiding. A moment before, she knew there was no one around, so she knew it wasn’t human. Jillian held her breath. She hoped that if she was super silent, whatever it was would just keep walking by her. 

Silence filled the forest. Even the birds had stopped chirping. Everything was waiting to see what happened. Suddenly, a pebble landed on top of Jillian’s head. Not daring to draw a breath, she slowly lifted her head to look up and found herself underneath the threatening gaze of a tiger. From her spot, Jillian could tell this was Khan-dor, the king of the tigers in this forest. 

But it was easy to see that while Khan-dor could smell someone near by, he couldn’t see her. He was looking off into the forest at some trees that had just started swaying. Jillian dared a look at the spot and saw the tell-tale striped rear end of an Okapi disappearing into the darkness of the forest. 

The tiger tenses, and crouches into a pounce, readying himself for the attack. In the next moment, he leaps off the rock and bounds into the forest. Jillian takes a quick panic-breath before she breaks into a run in the opposite direction away from Khan-dor and his bloody claws. (240 words).

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