About Me

Hi! I’m Sammy.

Welcome to my little home on the web. It’s not a fancy place, but I hope you feel at home here.

Like you, I wear a number of different hats in my life. I’m a wife, mother, friend, and employee. And I’m passionate about a lot of things: books, good tea, being outside and healthy, my family, and the power of conversation and listening.

And I’m a writer. I love to tell a good story. I love to get engrossed in a story. When I write, stories pour out of my fingers. I like to explore what motivates characters to behave the way they do, whether good or bad.

I’ve been writing stories since I was little. I won first place in 2nd grade for a story of a frog in my pocket. When I was in high school, I would write out my silly, romantic day dreams about a boy in a jeep whisking me away on a picnic date. For years of my young parenting life, I dreamed about writing, but the demands of raising littles (and then elementary kids and then middle schoolers) kept that reality from me. The shut-down of COVID-19 in 2020 helped me reignite my love for writing and find passion for writing and publishing.

So here we are, becoming internet friends. If we’re going to be friends, there are a few things you should know about me.

  1. I am a lover of a good book, an engaging story, cuddly animals and a mug of hot tea (and sometimes a sip of wine).
  2. I live in the midwest, but was raised in Utah. I’m a mountain girl at heart and my happy place is a small cabin in Big Cottonwood canyon.
  3. I’ve been married to my long-distance high school sweetheart for 22 years.
  4. Every night I drink a cup of bedtime tea while I am reading in bed.
  5. My house is pretty crowded with 4 kids, 1 golden retriever, 3 cats, and 2 turtles.

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