Meat Eater (FF#2)

Prompt: Anne goes to a BBQ at her new boyfriend’s place. She is a staunch vegan. Anne took a deep breath to steady her nerves, inhaling the noxious fumes of smoked meat. While Springdale smelled like a BBQ joint every sunny Saturday afternoon, Anne never partook in the carnage of meat eating, but after theirContinue reading “Meat Eater (FF#2)”

Misplaced (Flash Fiction #1)

(Here follows the first of many flash fiction stories I am writing in response to prompts given to me by friends. Each of these stories are inspired by a prompt of a character, a setting and a problem. The only requirement I’ve given myself is that the story make sense and be less than 250Continue reading “Misplaced (Flash Fiction #1)”

What I want you to know about Autism

(Reprinted from Originally published on 4.14.22. The words are all mine.) What do I want you to know about autism? Since I am neuro-typical, I can only give you a mother’s perspective. So, last night, I asked my 15-year-old with autism what they want people to understand about autism. After a moment’s thought, theyContinue reading “What I want you to know about Autism”

Plant Based Eating Month Reflection#1: How we got here

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my own personal journeys–in relationships, in parenting, in my faith and calling, and around food and health. I rather enjoy thinking about food and health. In fact, throughout my entire adult life, I have believed that food has the power to heal and to harm and theContinue reading “Plant Based Eating Month Reflection#1: How we got here”

When all else overwhelms, books to the rescue..

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted on this little blog of mine. Not because of any real boycott or anything, but simply because life is full and (as I regularly remind myself) we are still in the middle (hopefully near the end) of a pandemic. My brain is simply clogged. It’s full ofContinue reading “When all else overwhelms, books to the rescue..”