My Work in Progress

The Unfortunate Life of Genevieve Ryder

A woman never knows which decision she makes is the one that changes the trajectory of her life. Will the life she lives be the one society chooses for her or the one she chooses for herself?  

In 1946, 22-year-old Genevieve Ryder knows that the only way out from under her mother’s domineering thumb is to get married. Bobby McFadden is her perfect match. But when Gen realizes she’s pregnant and learns that Bobby is engaged to someone else, her life as she planned it is over. Forced to spend a year at Bethany House, a home for unwed mothers, Gen decides that keeping her baby is her way forward. The decision to choose this baby for the sake of her freedom will reverberate through her life. Is she serving herself or her child in her choices? 

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