What I want you to know about Autism

(Reprinted from TayloredIntent.com. Originally published on 4.14.22. The words are all mine.) What do I want you to know about autism? Since I am neuro-typical, I can only give you a mother’s perspective. So, last night, I asked my 15-year-old with autism what they want people to understand about autism. After a moment’s thought, theyContinue reading “What I want you to know about Autism”

What’s saving my life right now?

Jen Hatmaker concludes every podcast with this exact question to each of her guests. “What’s saving your life right now?” She accepts any answer, whether deep or surface, silly or serious. And the answers range that gamut as well. We’ve been embroiled in this COVID pandemic for 9 months. In early spring, we all shutContinue reading “What’s saving my life right now?”