Pastor Paul (FF#6)

Prompt: one sunny spring day, a new pastor, Paul, arrived at Elmdale Park Church. The next day, the murders began.  The murders had really started at Paul’s first church, Family Life. As an associate pastor, Paul’s responsibility was congregational care. The morning after his visit to an elderly parishioner, she was found dead in herContinue reading “Pastor Paul (FF#6)”

Meat Eater (FF#2)

Prompt: Anne goes to a BBQ at her new boyfriend’s place. She is a staunch vegan. Anne took a deep breath to steady her nerves, inhaling the noxious fumes of smoked meat. While Springdale smelled like a BBQ joint every sunny Saturday afternoon, Anne never partook in the carnage of meat eating, but after theirContinue reading “Meat Eater (FF#2)”

Misplaced (Flash Fiction #1)

(Here follows the first of many flash fiction stories I am writing in response to prompts given to me by friends. Each of these stories are inspired by a prompt of a character, a setting and a problem. The only requirement I’ve given myself is that the story make sense and be less than 250Continue reading “Misplaced (Flash Fiction #1)”

The Right Time for New Things

This year, for the very first time ever in my life, I made a gingerbread house. Actually, I made a graham cracker house, but you get the idea. I found and made the recipe for the icing that is like cement when it hardens, I purchased candy canes and gum drops and other candies andContinue reading “The Right Time for New Things”

What’s in it for you?

Hey friend– So I’ve been thinking of this little blog as our place of conversation on the interwebs. I’m learning that there are lots of ways to have real, authentic relationships with people. And one way is through the way we share our lives in the virtual sphere. But, I’m super bad at just talkingContinue reading “What’s in it for you?”